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i3Theme Series (Blogger + Wordpress)

i3Theme is series of new templates. The templates are professionally designed to meet most type of blogs needs. Hope you like this series.
For Blogger, you may download the complete series with just a click of a button below.

To Set the Date to be view properly along with your posts, here is what you need to do:


2. On the FORMATTING page, you need to change the Date Header Format to Jun 13, 2010

4. Then click SAVE SETTINGS

That's it!

Classic (Blogger)

Grassy Green (Blogger)

Ruby Red (Blogger)

Midnight Blue (Blogger)

Snazzy Pink (Blogger)

i3Theme for Wordpress

For Wordpress, MangoOrange.com has columnized this theme to 3 columns and provides variety of customized themes to choose from. Check out this Wordpress theme for your Wordpress blog too.

I hope you may have liked the templates. Stay in touch for more like these :)


wow i love this kind of themes ,very professional.I am a search engine specialist and it will look good on new blog.

SEO Service Provider Philippines: Thanks for the nice feedback. New templates still to come this week ;) Stay tuned :)

I am use this template for my blog and look goods, manythank's

Your templates are breathtaking. They will look good on any blog. Thanks for sharing them. I will now go make over my blog!
Thank you

Naomi form girls seeking guys: You're welcome. I made these templates for blogger :)

Yes I am talking about Blogger. Meanwhile, I just started a new blog and I used the "i3Theme-Snazzy-Pink" template - Glorious!.

I then downloaded the two missing 'metas' and applied them. It was with a huge sigh of satisfaction, and a whole truckload of thanks to you, that I beheld the structure of my source code.

Seeing the whole line of 'metas' and my keywords/custom description there was just great.

Much respect bruv

...On second thought, how about you placing a paypal "donate" button somewhere on this site? Methinks you deserve it!

Would you have the time? I will be honoured if you could see what your template has done for me. Its here


Thanks and pls forgive the long yada

Naomi form girls seeking guys: Oh Thank you for the nice feedback :)

Yeah you're right, I have created a page for donations, you can take a look @ http://www.templatesblock.com/p/donate-templates-block.html

Secondly, I've seen your blog and it looks good. You might want to change the Time Stamp to:

"Aug 04, 2010" This can be done at SETTINGS < Formatting < Date Header Format

I hope that you'll post more interesting content and posts soon :) Let me know if you require any assistance :)

Naomi from girls seeking guys: Thank you :)

Thanks Templatesblock :-)

Mucahit: You're welcome :)

Please help me change this to column 2 only....

Maylmer: You can get this in 2 column:

Demo: http://blogy-iplantilla.blogspot.com/

Download: http://btemplates.com/download/127/

I like it! It's very good! Thanks!

i want to use this,
but i dont know how..
someone can help me

Zetchi: You just need to download the template. Extract the download file. Follow the Installation Instructions text file for installing that template on your blog.

Let me know if you need further assistance :)

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