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Cyangant is an artistic and magazine styled Blogger template. It is a beautiful looking template with lots of spaces and cool widgets like image slider, social icons and twitter tweets widget.


Simple and elegant!

Very nice template. I like the JQuery (Slider & Navigational). Btw, congratulation for you're new layout. That was so awesome.

Not only are your templates beautiful, but I SO appreciate the wonderful instructions you give. Thank you for such great work!

~Taring_: Thanks. I'll be putting more of these in future ;)

Wendy: I appreciate your great feedback. I just sooo am in love in making/adapting good designs for blogger blogs and in helping others make better blogs :p

I am utterly in love with this layout. Though I'm not using the slider at the top, it's probably the best layout I've ever had. One question, any way to move 'comments' to the top of each blog post. No biggy, I was just curious. I think I'd like it better up there.

I'll be stopping by frequently, and found you on facebook. Thanks for the fantastic work!

Posey: Thanks for the nice feedback :)

I'm a beginner blogger template maker, so currently it isn't possible for me to move comments up to top side. I'd probably have to learn more and play more with codes to know how to do it. I'm sorry I couldn't help you with this customization.

Anyways, this also is one of my most favorite templates, I just the love the texture on it soo much =D

Thanks! No biggie. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I think I'll be using this one for a LONG time.

Really awesome template Volverene! I love it. Finally changed my Blogger template. After months of happiness with Stargazer, I am now using Cyagant! :-D

BTW, can you tell us a bit about the name Cyagant? How you came up with it? ;-)

El Zippo: You're welcome. Actually Andrew and Kathie came up with this and it's all quite imaginative I can say :p

Do you only publish the thank you?

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