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There are some good reasons of why should you choose Templates Block for advertising your business/website:

  • Cheap and affordable advertising.
  • Pay easily with Paypal.
  • High visibility and plenty of ad spaces.
  • You'll get more exposure - You'll get more clicks.
  • Ads go live immediately.
  • Discounts on advance payments or medium/long term advertising.
We're offering following types of ads with prices mentioned below. To advertise, send me a message here and I'll get back to your as soon as possible.


>> Text Links
Text links are the most popular and widely advertised tool on Templates Block. Links can be placed on sidebar and on footer. They're best for your SEO.

A. Purchase Monthly Text-Link Subscription @ $10/month
As low as it can be, just $10/month for a text-link subscription. Now you can easily have text-link subscription from the Subscribe link below.

B. Purchase Monthly Text-Link without Subscription @ $10/month
If you don't like subscriptions but want to buy text-links for the amount of months you like, you can do it here. Choose for how many months you'd like to purchase a text-link, mention your URL and Title in checkout page and off you go! Please use the "Buy now" link below to purchase text-links for amount of months you want.

Text-Link by Months:

C. Text-Links+Description in Blog Posts - $10 for a link+description in a blog post
This is specially for those who are looking to advertise not only our visitors but also our readers too. This is a great way for more traffic and buzz for your website. We advertise only 1 link plus description (50-100 words) in a blog post for better results. Below are some examples of this:

Versatile - Click here

To advertise via text-link + description, send me a message here


I encourage advertising directly. If you're interested, send me an Email


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