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Solar Press

Solar Press is a new magazine styled Blogger template for all professional Bloggers. The template has a cool dynamic image slider and a customizable layout.

Based on Wordpress by Web2Feel and created for Blogger by me. A special thanks to Stefan Kovac from ProgressiveRed for providing Cu3er image slider to make the template really different.

Since the template is customizable and the slider is a bit more complicated, I would suggest personal bloggers to be a bit more careful. Don`t install the template on your actually blog in the first place. Try the template on your test/fake blog first as setting up the image slider is a bit difficult. Instructions text file for setting up image slider is provided along with the download package. Do read it :)

Hope you`ll find this template interesting. Let me know what you think?

To make additional fix to the template for the Cu3er links to work, please read the instructions on this page: http://damacblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/fixing-cu3er-links-on-blogger-blogspot.html


I want that slider!!!! lol! This is truly one of a kind!

:D Yeah you can get the WP version also at web2feel.com ;)

@V yeah, but I love Modern Clix. Maybe will incorporate the slider some time. I'm sure a lot of bloggers will love this one!

is it possible for me to get this templete with the pink colour background?

Future Murabbi: I`m sorry it`s not that possible for me to do it :)

Hi! Volverene Evo: Can i get these template in white and black colors? If necesary im willing to pay for it. Greetings.

Ch@pu: Actually we keep the original colors intact to keep the respect of designers.
However, I can make some changes, let me know what changes you require. Please message me on my "Contact Me" page please :)


This doesn't work in WP 2.9.2

This template is awesome! I wish the orange was more neutral color though :(

Hi..volverne evo,
i like this template n thank u very much...:)
pleaze visit my blog http://www.hendra-site.com/

Olive Tree IT: This template is make for Blogger's platform of blogs. For the Wordpress theme, you'll need to go to www.web2feel.com
Thanks :)

Hendra: You're welcome :)
I'll do visit ;)

JenniferD: Hope you'll find something better. Cheer up pal :)

OMG!!! Can I haz this slider? *sparkling eyes* hahaha

Dea: Yes you can have that slider template on your blog. But need to follow instructions very carefully to set it up. It's a bit complicated :)

Yeah, I've just edit it in a test blog. But I could not manage links to work... : (

If you want to take a look:


I tried to contact you but the form mentioned "errors"

I am trying to change the background color #DD5A0A into a blue #44A6BF
I can not find the code to save my life...
Your help would be greatly appreciated
the example is located at Dinneenspeaks (dot) Blogspot (dot) com

Many Thanks for your work, help and everything


Volverene, you can delete the previous post as well as this one. I just had a brain freeze . issue resolved.

Thank you so much

Dear Volverene,
it seems that the links are not working in the config.php
Am I the only one? or is it a "general" bug?


As per your help file:
link target="_blank">PUT-YOUR-LINK-HERE == You can put a link to the slide but that might not work in Blogspot blogs. [I wonder why don`t it work...I couldn`t figure out :'(]

I have noticed that your config file has not "_blank" but '_blank'
" Vs '

I have tried both without results .. :-((((
Any idea?


It took me some time and few neurons, but the linking works. It has nothing to do with the cu3er, but the "bug" is in the template, params missing (thanks to Stephan K.)
I'll post a "how to" in plain english ASAP

You should convert this one too:

Anonymous: No idea about it sorry. Hopefully may come up with that solution soon :)

Dinneen: I'm really sorry for replying late. I see that you have resolved the issue yourself on your blog.
Hope I may be of some help in future.
Thank you :)

Steve: The bug is in the template, you may fix it through this page: http://damacblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/fixing-cu3er-links-on-blogger-blogspot.html

Me: Thanks alot! You're a great help on this template, I've linked the bug fixing post to this template post.

Thanks again :)

krkt: It is probably copyrighted, so I would not convert this one. But thank you for sharing this very cool website with me :)

Awesome work and thanks for the link for the fix.

I've tried to replace the comment style from the template for my own DISQUS Comments system. To be quite honest, I haven't tried so hard but I'd like to know if you can give me a tip or a hint about how to do it, since the template doesn't have the regular easy-to-adapt style.

Anyhow, best regards!

Dan: Thanks.

Ermm...honestly I don't like comments systems although they are really good and beneficial. I did try installing the comment system once and I think it worked well on the basic templates I make.

After that I removed it because I started having some problems with it like it showed incorrect comments numbers. Well, I suggest that you may try that comment system on a fake/test blog first.

Here's an easy way: Make a test/fake blog. put some posts and several comments. Then install Solar Press on that blog. Then install the Disqus comment system. If it shows the comments properly, fine. Moving on the next step. Publish 1-2 more posts, and post comments on the 1-2 new posts and also on the older posts and see if it works fine. If all the works good, then you can back up the already existing template on "Churros y Palomitas" and then install Disqus comment system.

I think installing Disqus would be a bit tricky but I hope if you follow their instructions properly, everything will go fine ;)

I have a more better Idea, download your already existing template on "Churros y Palomitas" and install it on test/fake blog and then try putting comments and comments system and then comments.

For any further assistance that you may require, please do ask :)

Thank you

Thanks for the tips! I had some trouble when I first tried to integrate the comment system but I had no clue if it was just me or there was an actual issue with the integration, but for what you say, it's actually a general problem. I'll probably try it again, but I'm a little more convinced that that I won't integrate it definitely.

Thanks for the help and, once again, you rule, man. Great work. :D

Dan: No problem. Ask me anytime. I'm back to blogging after 3 months and still there's alot to be done :D

thanks for the template that you created.
I succeeded, see: http://catatan-kaki-erwin.blogspot.com/, unfortunately not perfect display in IE
btw, can I add about 4 feet below the column of this template?
Could be know how? last, how to change orange colour?


Erwin: I'm sorry to say this template was made only for browsers like IE8, Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc. IE seems a bit outdated now.

The orange background is an image, which might not be possible for most users to change.

You may get tutorials on how to add columns at www.bloggerbuster.com

I'm sorry I couldn't help you much with your issues :(

Thanks :)

Great template thanks so much! I'd appreciate to know if there is a way to make the slideshow work with Flickr as well, that's where most of my pics are or even by uploading them. Cheers and once again awesome job! :)

Anonymous: I'm sorry but Cu3er slideshow might now work with Flickr, you'd need to host your images on blogger or free image hosting sites and integrate them in Cu3er slideshow.

Excellent template, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I?m glad I found your blog.

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