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Want something that looks professional and natural looking? Well, here it is :) Unbound is not only a little professional looking but also is minimalistic and has a clean design. It was a request from my friend Earl but personally I like this template too ;)
Based on a web template by styleshout.com, I created this template for Blogger.com blogs.


wow! Thanks man! that was quick!

all the best!

Pleasure`s all mine buddy :)

This is so pretty! so fresh, thanks!

It's lovely!

I'm using this kind of templates for my "Tunnel of Love".(Put all the readers links there)

Seriously it's cool!


Zara: Thanks Zara :D Glad E you liked it :D

Hi.. I likef ur templates very much.. But can u please tell how to change the image of the bird to any custom image?


Meghna: Thanks :)
To change the image of the bird to any custom image:

1. Goto EDIT HTML page
2. USING CTRL+F, find the following link:


3. The above link is the URL of bird's image. Replace with your own custom image image url.

4. Click PREVEW and SAVE TEMPLATE when done.

5. One more thing you should know, the dimensions for image that you want to put should be around:

height: 290px
width: 890px

All the very best! :)


How can I get rid of the blog title and description?


And how can I link the "home" link the the header image?


baaarooke: For that you'll need to send me a special support request and I'll get back to you pretty soon. I cannot post the codes here in this comments box (The codes will get executed in the comments box). You can send a support request here: http://www.templatesblock.com/2010/06/submit-support-request.html

Thanks :)

I'm Using a templet of you named Unbound. In that blog(http://allbirdhere.blogspot.com/) I generally keep the information of Birds.

Can you do some customize? I want that the templet have a READ MORE button and only one small size picture. Like this blog http://mynewspapercut.blogspot.com/.

And do not change page navigation button.

Thank You........Waiting for your response.

Rezowan: You can read the following tutorial, it would help you install automatic read more and image thumbnail function to your blogger blog:


Let me know if you require further assistance. Thanks :)

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