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Shine is something a little unique in the Blogger templates. It`s quite blue all over and has a nice and vague sense of breeze. The layout is topped with a glassical frame which may like too. Shine is also one of my favorite templates :)
Yesterday I couldn`t post a new template because I had finished Lap of Luxury but then I though I`d finish the Shine template too but unfortunately, I couldn`t as I had to get ready for orientation at the university today. So after that, I`ve finished it and hope you`d like it.
Based on Wordpress by Creamy.co.uk and created for Blogger by me


This is an interesting template and maybe I want to give it a try.

Thanks. Try it on a test blog first ;)

Is there any way to bring the shine till the bottom of the page?

Rose: It has a fixed header, so it`ll not be possible to bring the shine all the way to the bottom. I`m sorry about that :(

Okay.... thanks

thank you for the template...adios

I can't put wibiya toolbar on this template

Anonymous: Let me know your blog URL so that I can detect the fault and provide you with possible solutions on getting the Wibiya toolbar on your blog. :)

thanks awesone template!

Hey dude.I am following your blog.İts very good.What makes you special is that : other btempalte blogs only give you the download . but you also give us a tutorial about how to change the codes etc.

Thank you very much dude!

by the way: do you know the blog template called : Smash Blogger ?

I have download it and use it in my blog : http://mehmetfy.blogspot.com Butyou know other blog sites dont give any tutorial as you , so I cant use the Search gadget in my blog.How can I make it work?

Thanks again :)

Mehmet: Thanks. Since I make these templates, I updat, fix, provide support for all my templates and you can get support from me at TemplatesBlock anytime :)

Please send me a Support request regarding your issue from (http://www.templatesblock.com/2010/06/submit-support-request.html) and I'll be happy to help you with that ;)

I like this template :)
You really helped me a lot with provided me with many layouts available for blogs :)
Guess I gotta use this for my class blog :)
You are the best! *hugs Volverene*

Gloria: You're welcome :) hehe *Hugs*

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