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dialynotes is a Blogger template for everyday person. The template has a notepaper style and looks like your daily digital diary.
Based on Wordpress by DesignDisease.com and created for Blogger by me


Wow! this was fast. another one, great!

hi i downloaded a template kinda new to this and in the corner it says follow me on twitter but it gives you this site rather then myself on twitter how can i fix this?

Using [CTRL+F][Browser`s search feature], find "Twitter-Username" and the browser will highlight my twitter link in the code. Replace it with your twitter username. That`s it :)

I like this template and I use this template too...
oh iy.. image in the post has border,how can I hide the border??

Why not be created and put boxes in the bottom of the issues?
and boxes because they can not easily drag and drop?

2nd_frozenheart: Thanks. To remove the border. Goto EDIT HTML:
and using [CTRL+F], find ".post h3". Browser will highlight the following code:

.post h3 {
font: bold 34px/30px Arial, sans-serif;
letter-spacing: -1px;
padding: 15px 0px;
margin-bottom: 15px;
background:url(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_k_DnmK4oz2Q/S1euMxNS-XI/AAAAAAAAAh8/LPd_B6QAn5g/s1600/menu-line-bkg.png) repeat-x bottom;

Just remove the the FOLLOWING CODE from the code you find:
Remove this: background:url(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_k_DnmK4oz2Q/S1euMxNS-XI/AAAAAAAAAh8/LPd_B6QAn5g/s1600/menu-line-bkg.png) repeat-x bottom;

Preview and Save when done :)

nice templets... im new here...
teach me how to change my blog title

Zangetsu: Thanks. You can learn everything that`s here. Just surf a bit and look around. Ask me if you don`t find anything you`re looking for :)

nice.. but how to make a page number of post? like

please help me..

Dhika: I'm sorry I couldn't understand your question. Could you enlighten me about your issue ?

Its a very cool template thanks. I have just one question, How do i add the author of the post??
Cause when i write a new post, it doesn't apper who wrote it. Thanks :D

Cain: Thank you :)
To show the Post author:

1. Goto EDIT HTML page:
2. Using CTRL+F, find ".post-author {"
3. The browser will take you to the following code:

.post-author {
display: none;

4. Remove the above code.
5. PREVIEW and SAVE when done!

Thank you :)

I absolutely love it! For the longest time I was happy with the simple Minima Dark template, because I post a photo with every entry. But this template is just awesome, I remember playing with the type paper like this.

Two things though, my photos seem to all be cut off a small bit on the right. Could you point in the right direction of code that needs to be changed?

Also, I don't think this template is diary like at all. [That was thing 2, not horribly much but alas]

Thanx for nice template.

Nice template . Thank you.

Jashim: You're welcome :)

C.Moore.Run: Thanks for the nice feedback.

1. Actually this template has a fixed width, which means if you still try to widen the content area (which is on the left), it would over lap the sidebar and would not look good.

However there is a solution to that, When you insert an image, you can adjust the size of image to be "Large" instead of "X-large" which obviously doesn't fit with most templates because the size of pictures we take is usually large.

2. It is a bit diary like I think, just for personal notes and journal in a decent manner :p

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