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Volverene Evo

Volverene Evo is a template for personal bloggers and designers who`d like to show their potfolios. The template can also be used to girl or photoblogs.
Created by me for Blogger.com and you can get the web template from mytemplatebox.com


Wow, this is like one of your best. Keep it up, buddy!

OMG! Does thesexy geeky guy come along w this template ? thats all im interested in !Please say yes ?

owhhh Thanks guys :D Much Appreciated !! :)

Arrica: Thanks . I hope I`ll bring even better ;)

Mia: Yes :D The Sexy geeky guy comes along with the template ;)

Karthikeyan: Yes buddy this is the first version of Evo template :)

can i remove that guy's pics and place mine?

nucleus: Why not ? You can replace my picture with yours :)Instructions are given with download package.

How do you remove the geek guys pic from the template and replace it for mine?

@Dave: Instructions are given in the download file of this template. Let me know if doesn't work out. Share your blog here so we can see you're using this template for your blog :)

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