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Space Gloss

Space Blog is dark and cool template. The template provides a blog`s content with a cool gloss and some fine layout. I personally love the background and I think that template can be used for most types of blogs. What do you think about it?
Based on a Wordpress theme by DreamTemplate.com, I created it for Blogger blogs.


Text coded as "bold" does not show up as such on the final blog entry.

Also--and I'm not sure if this is by design or not--I can't alter the color of hyperlinked text.

I prefer something more highlighted, and the default link color blends in too much for my taste.

Verchiel: Please let me know about your blog URL so I can properly englighten you on how to set the codes to your requirements.

I love Space Gloss!
I wish I could use it for all my blogs... Is there anyway to adapt it for LiveJournal?

nette: Thanks! It is possible if somebody knows the way of adapting it for LiveJournal. I don't know the way otherwise I would have helped. Sorry

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