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Granite is a very nice looking granite layout Blogger template. This one of my favorites from the Imagination Series designed by CSSJockey.com for Wordpress and created by me for Blogger.


How/can i remove that "twitter" from this template...........
i just love this template.

Just download the text file from the link below:


The text file contains a little instruction to remove twitter from this template. It will only take 2-3 minutes to remove twitter. Thanks :)


I like this!
I'm using this template with changing the image backgroud, header and link's color but it seems to have a disfunction with windows internet explorer...
Could you find the mistake? http://www.blog.ornorm.fr

You probably might have made a little mistake with the template customization. Please re-install the template. I can help customize your blog if you like.

Yes, a space was missing just after "background.jpg".

But a problem subsist in your code, "radius" isn't understand by IE.. How can we do to solve it?

Imagination Series is built to be best viewed on FF and Chrome. IE is compatible with new versions of CSS. For having "Radius" that is understood by IE you`ll need to Google "Creating Rounders using images in CSS". Thanks :)

And how can i personalize the twitter i wanna have it with my account.

Dear Paulina, using [CTRL+F], Find "Templatesblock.json" ...browser will highlight the code. just replace the "templatesblock" with your twitter username. and save when done. that`s it :)...
Oh yeah, i saw your blog and read it. You`ve already set the twitter widget :)

how can i change the background pic?

are_naf: Goto: EDIT HTML page
Using CTRL+F, find "body {"
The browser will highlight the following code:

body {
background:#000000 url(http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7ZjrDUb91m8/Swucb1X268I/AAAAAAAAAm8/2TYoQh8-IYc/s1600/bg.jpg) top center no-repeat fixed;
font:normal 9pt Arial, Geneva, Helvetica, sans-serif;

In the above code set, see the image URL that is "http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7ZjrDUb91m8/Swucb1X268I/AAAAAAAAAm8/2TYoQh8-IYc/s1600/bg.jpg"

Just replace this image URL with the one you would like to show on your blog.

Click PREVIEW and Save when done.

Thanks :)

我很喜欢这个templates block~可是我要怎样弄?????

can i make it 3 columns?

Are_naf: Yes you can make it :)

Sweetqi ♥: 您会得到您的BlogSpot博客模板。这将帮助你得到一个更好的设计为您的博客。 谢谢

how to make it become 3 collum??

homewallpaper: If you'd like to have it in 3 columns, please send me a support request about it and I'll be happy to help you in making it a 3 columned template for your blog. Thanks :)

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