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Why choose Templates Block?

What is an optimized Blogger template?
An optimized Blogger template in our meaning is:
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Enhanced for faster viewing
  • Coded for minimum errors & warnings
  • Better Search Engine Rankings
  • Compatibility with most web browsers
Where can I find optimized Blogger templates for my blog?
Almost all template blogs/sites would provide you thousands of free Blogger templates which are infact good looking and work good too but they`re NOT optimized for better working of your blog.
You can find optimized Blogger templates here at Templates Block.

Are these templates free to use?
Yes, these templates are free to download and use for your blog(similar templates are available on ther blogs/sites too but they lack optimized features) provided that you leave footer links intact to give due credit to the Author | Designer | and Me.

How is it helpful?
Compared to an ordinary Blogger template, an optimized Blogger template results in a better performing blog. The blog loads fast, pages are indexed by search engines in shorter span of time, better Search Engine rankings, blog design is better, markup errors and warnings are reduced. So, in a nutshell, an optimized Blogger template is the best choice for your Blogger blog(s).

How would I know if a Blogger template is Optimized Or Not?
An optimized Blogger template is virtually quite different from an ordinary Blogger template. The difference is infact in Coding of the template. If you are a coder/designer, you would know it already but if you are an amatuer/beginner, I suggest you choose templates provided by me on this blog. You can compare the ordinary template with the optimized one for an experiment :)

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